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Luella + Stone

Meet Lindsay. She is the founder of one of our favorite handmade jewelry lines, Luella + Stone, named for her daughter Luella and her one-of-a-kind charisma. Luella + Stone creates some of The Collected Home’s most popular accessories. These unique, handcrafted pieces are a perfect nod to the modern style, with elements of timeless charm.  It was so special learning more about their story and what fuels their creativity. Scroll down to learn more about Lindsay and what inspired her journey!

1) Can you tell us about you got started with jewelry?

For the last few years I have really been anxious to get back to my creative roots. I majored in dance and have always been immersed in the arts. After the birth of my third child I started a list in the notepad of my phone. Any free moment I found myself sitting alone, which is rare, I would think about my interests and hobbies and how I could translate them into a small business. I have always had a passion for interesting and bold jewelry. What's funny is that I realized the day I added JEWELRY to my list of sevenish interests and hobbies, that somewhere between baby one and baby three, I had almost completely stopped wearing and buying fun jewelry. That day, I put on a huge pair of earrings and immediately felt ten years younger! Like the person I remembered being B.C. (before children). Just a few months later I started taking jewelry making classes and I've been hooked ever since!


2) Can you describe any factors in your decision that made you want to shift to retail?

As much as I love the autonomy of working on my own time and on my own terms, I have always thrived on being part of something bigger than myself. It's a really nice balance to work for myself while still having the opportunity to be part of another business' success. It has made me really proud to see my products compete alongside others in the same market and I have learned a lot.

3) What was the first piece you sold, and what inspired you to create it?

This story will always bring a smile to my face! I was wearing a pair of my Seychelles earrings while eating lunch at Eats and Antiques in Rowayton. A woman approached me and complimented my earrings and asked where I purchased them. She was about to buy a pair of earrings and said she had come that day just to look for a pair of blue earrings to wear on her upcoming vacation that weekend. Long story short, I drove the few short blocks home, grabbed a fresh pair of earrings for her, drove back, and she handed me cash right there in the parking lot! That was my very first sale.

4) What are some of the unique elements you incorporate into your pieces?

A lot of the beads I use have been around for decades. I aim to put them together in a fresh modern way. All of the beads I use are globally sourced and come from India, Africa, and Bulgaria just to name a few places. I enjoy mixing organic materials in current colorways with gold hardware to create a balance of bohemian yet elegant style.


5) If you had to describe your mission in three words, what words would you choose?

Wear. Fun. Jewelry. If I could pick a slogan without a limit on the number of words it would be: "Friends don't let friends wear boring jewelry."




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